Stephen Taormina Advice To New Bloggers

Stephen Taormina has been famous for his travel but also known for sharing his knowledge and giving advice about blogging to other blogger. Recently Stephen has written a fabulous blog about ways to improve the blogging skills for new writers.
Here are some points mentioned by Stephen Taormina

1) Make Writing A Habit

Writing is skill which require lot of imagination and practice. You also need good amount of experience to compete at certain level. So You should try and get into habit of writing.

2) Get Your Basics Correct

Its very important to get basics correct and learn grammer rules. A article in which grammer rules are not followed is difficult to understand.

3) Proofread Your Articles

Every writer makes a mistake while writing like comma, misspelling etc . So its important to proof read your article.

4) Keep Interest In Reading

You should keep a deep interest in reading which keeps you passionate about writing. You may learn many skills about writing skills if you read.

The points shared by Stephen Taormina are very helpful for new comer want to start blogging.


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