Stephen Taormina : Top Travel Trends That Will Effect The Global Travel Industry

Stephen Taormina a professional blogger having years for experience in this industry. Stephen Taormina shares a fabulous post about the trends that will affect the global travel industry:-


1) Millennials

Stephen Taormina mentions Millennials are the often travelers and plan to travel various places. When planning to travel Millennials are have a wide range of options.

2) Adventure Trips

Adventure trips are also highly popular and people in large number want to experince it.
3) Female solo or group Travel

Stephen Taormina has an opinion that 80% of travel decisions are made by women and are independent of traveling. They like to search new places and experience new things
4) Food Tourism

Food tourism is also popular. As Stephen Taormina is food lover so he ranks this tourism industry as very high.

To get more details about Stephen Taormina visit his blogs.


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