Check Out These 9 California Bachelor Party Destinations: Stephen Taormina

Stephen Taormina is well-educated travel teacher and blogger in the United States. He travels in various countries one by one, whenever he gets a chance. He captures all location images where he stays. He saves all images in his laptop as memory.  Stephen Taormina has written a number of blogs on the travel industry. People of different country are following Stephen Taormina blogs and get great help to learn about the travel industry. A few months ago, he went to California with office friends. He stayed a friend relative’s house more than 5 days. He enjoyed with friends. In this post, he is going to share the best places to visit in California.

San Francisco

 Stephen Taormina daniel-sessler-552951

San Diego

Stephen Taormina San Diego

Santa Barbara

Stephen Taormina Santa Barbara

Palm Springs

Stephen Taormina

South Lake Tahoe

Stephen Taormina South Lake Tahoe

Napa Valley

Stephen Taormina Napa Valley

Huntington Beach

Stephen Taormina

Los Angeles

Stephen Taormina Los Angeles

Big Bear Lake

Stephen Taormina Big Bear Lake

Visit here to know more about him.


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